From Cutting Edge Technology to Explosive Real Estate Markets, Recoverable Asset Management Uncovers Growth Opportunity

A Selection of Markets We Cover

Green Enterprise

Green enterprises or sustainable businesses minimize traditionally negative impact on the environment and/or provide technologies to reduce the overall strain that businesses or individual place on the environment. These companies are attractive for government subsidies and contracts, sustainable technologies with a long and increasing returns, and their overall global allure as good corporate citizens.

Sharing Economy

Uber and Airbnb are celebrated examples of sharing economy businesses. These companies don’t just represent a new way of thinking or new services, but a new way to use data effectively to provide services to people when and where they want them. These platforms connect service providers and users for the benefit of both. Many opportunities are unfolding for data and service platforms to create serious upside for investors.

High Tech

The extraordinary growth and media focus on the technology sector often serves to eclipse hidden values in high tech. Stable, expanding global infrastructure and new, complimentary emerging technologies create pockets of significant value in communications, media, niche social media, and medicine. With foundational infrastructure settling and morphing, new technology opportunities exist for investors who respond quickly.

Real Estate

Across all asset classes, equities offer high valuations but real estate remains under the radar. For years now, real-estate funds have paid dividends that are much higher than what other funds. Many advisors avoid real estate because they wrongly fear a sharp rise in rates will lead to capital losses. A deep understanding of these excellent investment vehicles leads to significant yields.

Secondary Markets

Offerings for companies with smaller market capitalization, a secondary stock can relate to any type of company, in any industry and also other asset-backed investments like auction-rate securities, bankruptcy claims, private company stocks and fixed income products. Properly managed diligence and prudent investment planning can make secondary markets and excellent source of hidden opportunity.