Recoverable Asset Management
Two Decades of Ethical Advisory


Recoverable Asset Management is one of the best known asset recovery services in Asia. We manage assets for prosperous individuals, families, and endowments for their financial advisory services. We are independent, balanced, and extensive in intellectual resources.

Recoverable Asset Management offices are based in Tokyo, Japan. We were founded to manage high net worth individuals and families and expatriate communities’ assets. Through a comprehensive working staff who are experienced in international equities, commodities, fixed income and future markets, Recoverable Asset Management ensures security when engaging and executing trades in different market environments.

Aside from the security and clarity of company processes, the Recoverable Asset Management traders, brokers, analysts, and advisors are equipped with the best policies and procedures for the industry and knowledgeable of new operations.

Recoverable Asset Management prides in partnering important traders in Asia Pacific and the world. It has the full capacity of informing special situations happening locally and abroad and ready to face challenges from selecting appropriate portfolio holdings to executing trades from the data gathered by our team of professional traders and analysts.

It is our goal to find all the viewpoints in the global markets through quantitative and qualitative methods to guarantee conclusive findings. Recoverable Asset Management is using the best technology there is and the best trading platforms to ensure clients’ best buying and selling prices.