Reclaim Your Assets

Strategic Planning for Acquisition and Disposal of Distressed Assets

Producing a market for affected assets brings together shareholders with distressed assets for divestiture and investors who specialize in distressed resources using imaginative methods to meet the challenges posed by each investor class.

We guide merchant banking, pension management, and high net-worth traders on the specifics of reformation, disposal, acquisition and development of distressed financial instruments. Our international team counsels on regulatory and compliance matters, investigations by regulatory authorities, litigation and the organization and management of open- and closed end funds, exchange-traded funds, insurance products, offshore and hedge funds.

Recoverable Asset Management has unparalleled experience in handling distressed debts through equity funding to create unconventional investment instruments. Clients who work together with us realize better value from distressed assets because they can expect leadership built on a comprehensive network of holders and sellers of instruments, repurchase agreements, complex financial products and organised finance contracts.